Trust- The essence of life through Moral stories


It is all about Trust!. Once a father walking with his son to school. On their way to school, they saw a gigantic UFO coming out of the lake …standing in midair for few seconds and flying away. Both were dumbstruck to see something so strange and unusual.

Son after going to school, told all his friends about that incident. But nobody believed him and bullied him instead. So, to prove his point, he told that he would bring his father the next day, to tell all his friends about the incident.

Next day as said, the boy brings his dad to school. But, the boy’s father instead of telling them the truth tells that,  whatever his son has told them was just a story told by him while walking to school and not any fact. Father also ensures that they all become friends again.

The son while  coming home cries a lot and asks his father, why he said something not true before his friends. Then the father answered that, it’s no point in proving the boys at school about anything, as they all were not ready to listen no matter who says and how strong or true, their point is. Then father asks the boy to challenge his friends tomorrow saying, his father is such an expert in archery that when he aims at a deer, he can make the arrow pass through the deer’s leg first then its ear, finally hitting its head.

Next day at school, the boy challenged the same with his friends. Most of his friends said that, it’s impossible and the boy is faking again. Then the boy asked all of his friends to come to woods along with him after school, and see his dad  doing  this impossible task for real and they can trust what he says.

They all went to woods and searched for a deer. Finally they found one, the boy’s father was ready immediately with an arrow and everybody were also seeing the event without blinking their eye.

The boy’s father waited for the right time, and shot the arrow exactly the same way he challenged. The arrow really passed through the deer’s leg first later through its ear then hit the head of the deer. All the friends of the boy, who came to see this, were surprised.

Can you guess how this would be possible..?

 He actually waited for the deer to scratch its ear with its leg. Boom..!

Moral: Trust is not earned by mere words, but by consistent deed and actions.

What you see is never trusted. But…, what you show will have always credibility….!

Even salt looks sugar until tasted.

By Deepti Jajula,

M.A English (Final Year),

Arts College, Osmania University.

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