BPO / Call Center job training institute in Ameerpet, Vidya Nagar, Hyderabad

The process of outsourcing work and responsibilities of a company is called Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Call centers are one of the parts of these BPO’s. BPO’s have created a lot of Jobs for Indians, even today there are a lot of opportunities in the call center world for people who are looking for a job. But sometimes people who are in search of a job are not well equipped with knowledge of how to prepare for an interview and also how to communicate with people. So, for people who are looking forward to getting a job in BPO’s can get hands-on training in BPO and call center skills.

BPO and Call center skills training at Digital Cutlet 

Digital cutlet trains people with English-communication skills, voice, and accent. Which, is helpful for BPO and call center aspirants and also for people who are looking to improve English proficiency. At Digital Cutlet we teach according to the requirement of students.

Our training covers the following things –

  1. Voice and accent, both UK and US accents are thought.
  2. Talking to people over the phone.
  3. Talking with your team.
  4. Etiquettes that need to be followed while talking to customers on phone.
  5. Etiquettes that need to be followed while working in a corporate.
  6. Problem-solving skills that are needed in a corporate.
  7. Managing relations with the customers (CRM).
  8. Working in a team and building a team.
  9. Developing your personality.
  10. Talking in group discussions.


Unemployed people looking for guidance, People looking to improve their English, People aspiring to go abroad for a job, Companies that need to train their employees, Team leaders managing a team, students etc.

Digital cutlet is committed to guiding students in getting a job, English proficiency. Furthermore, we believe training students in a practical way and to teach them things in real time.


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