Carnatic Music Vocal Classes near Vidya Nagar

What is Carnatic Music?

Carnatic music is one of the two main traditional musical genres of the great Indian Classical Music (while the other being Hindustani). Carnatic, being one of the most popular and fantastic styles in the world, is found to be concentrated majorly in Southern part of India in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Telangana.

The main fundamentals of the Carnatic music are the scales (range of notes) called Shruthi and rhythmic element called Laya. “Shruthir Matah Laya Pitaha” is a phrase chanted by Carnatic musicians frequently. And the sub derivatives of Shruthi and Laya are the Ragam and Talam respectively. A ragam (also referred as Raag/Raga) is a set of some particular swarams (known as musical notes in the Western music) of the 16 notes of Carnatic music. These ragas are elaborated to the maximum potential of the performer to get the maximum beauty out of it. Talam (also Taal/tala) are the different rhythmical cycles. Ragam and Talam when combined together in a particular Shruthi and correct Laya get the best of music and all these together lead to a composition and compositions are the most vital aspects of this style of music. Haridasa and Saint composer Purandara Dasa (1484–1564) is regarded and worshiped as the father of Carnatic Music. He was the one who designed the method of teaching this music.This method of teaching is followed even today by all the teachers of this music. Not only as the one who designed the style of teaching, Purandara Dasa also has a huge number of compositions to his credit from which many of them are sung even today.

Carnatic music is always in the top lists of most beautiful musical styles in the world. A person who masters the art of Carnatic music can very easily master any other musical form in the world without any learning or training. This is because the students are trained so rigorously that they gain a lot of knowledge about every note, every beat, etc. Many Westerners have hot inspired by the Carnatic music and some of them have started collaborating with Carnatic bands to make fusion music while some others have learnt it, practiced very rigorously, and have become doyens of this art inspiring not only Westerners but also so many Indians. John B Higgins, Chong Chiu Sen are two of many who learnt and are enjoying it.

Most of the people have a misconception that Carnatic Music only means Krithis of Tyagaraja, Keerthanas of Annamacharya & Ramadasu, etc. But all these are just a small part of this music in the form of compositions. There is a lot more in this style which can be understood either by listening or by learning where learning can be ranked as the best way to understand it.

So, as a small contribution towards this great art & our Indian culture, Digital Cutlet, a premier Institution at Vidya Nagar, Hyderabad offers Carnatic vocal music classes at its Vidya Nagar branch to all the interested and aspirant people.

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