Data Science is the next generation’s revolution ?

Data Science Explained

Data Science is the study and extraction of data which uses algorithms, technology, statistics to extract data in different forms and eventually use it in creative ways and grow businesses.

The Data is quite huge and unorganized, to make use of data it undergoes two steps-

  1. Analysing the data

In this part of data science, it is about discovering and analyzing data. The data is mined by data scientists to understand trends, peoples behavior on websites etc. In order for companies to understand what are people looking for and generate profit.

This process starts with the data scientists exploring the data. They look into the data and try to understand the patterns and characteristics of the data. They apply quantitative techniques like segmentation analysis, inferential models to get a deeper insight into the data.


  • Video on demand websites like Netflix, Prime video etc. make use of data analysis to understand and track the patterns of how people watch and see what interests their user the most.
  • E-Commerce websites like Flipkart make also make use of this to understand what people are looking for.
  1. Development of the data – data product

Data product uses data as input and process that data to return results. The best example of data product is the recommendation engine which makes use of user data to make recommendations on the basis of that data.

Data scientists play an important role in developing the data product. Which involves making algorithms and testing them.


  • Flipkart suggests items for you to buy because of these recommendation engines determined by the algorithms.
  • Youtube and Netflix also make use of these algorithms to recommend content you.

Importance of data science in today’s age

Today data is called the new oil as every day tons of data is shared and sold. Furthermore, data is very important for any internet business. So, an internet business, even at its inception looks for data which helps them understand what people are looking for. And even when the business is up and running, data needs to be monitored to check peoples behavior on the websites and recommending stuff.

A data scientist brings out the business value of the data which helps business growth and analyzing people’s behavior. Today data scientists are in big demand as more and more business are hiring them to understand the data that helps their business grow.

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