Different Genres of photography

Photography is very vast subject and it has many genres, here are few of them-

  1. Portraiture

This genre of photography is about capturing moods and expression of people. The face of people is important in this genre of photography. The shots range from closeup, midshot, longshot.


  1. Street Photography

Usually, people think that street photography is only about shooting beggars on the street, but that’s not true, it’s much more than that. Street photography is about capturing the moods and emotions that take place in a street. It’s not necessary that a street photograph should have people in it, even an empty street can tell a story if captured properly.


  1. Food Photography

Food photography is about capturing the food in its real essence. The challenge in this genre, to capture the food the way it looks and before it starts deteriorating. Also, this genre can bring out the creative side of you.


  1. Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is about capturing clothes and other fashion accessories. Usually, its done for fashion advertisements and fashion magazines. These images are usually shot in locations that enhance the clothes and the accessories as they are meant to be center of attraction, not the people wearing it.


  1. Wildlife Photography

This genre of photography is about capturing animals in their natural habitat. It takes a lot of patience to desired results in wildlife photography as the behavior of animals is quite unpredictable. Also, one should possess knowledge of the animal’s behavior, so that you can predict what it’s going to do and get the shot.


  1. Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is about capturing the beauty of nature, Which can be shooting Mountains, Sea, Beaches, cityscapes. It’s usually done during traveling and to recall being at a place. These photographs have a very little or no human activity in them.


  1. Macro Photography

Macro Photography is about showcasing the minute details of a subject. Usually, the subject in this genre of photography is bugs, insects, spiders etc.


8.Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography is about capturing moments in a wedding and capturing memories. This genre has evolved over years, Pre-wedding shoots are one such results of the evolution. This genre demands a lot of creativity.


  1. Architecture Photography

This genre of photography is about capturing building and structure, both old and new. It is done just to document for future references and to document new building to put them up for sale. Architecture photography is not only about capturing building as a whole but also capturing fine details of the building.


  1. Travel Photography

As the name suggests, Its about travel. Travel photography is a compilation of many genres of photography. As you travel you come across different streets, food, architecture, landscapes and sometimes wildlife. This genre has a very wide scope where you shoot a lot of different types of stuff and make memories as well.


  1. Astro Photography

Astro photography consists of shooting stars, meteors, galaxies, planets ETC. It’s by far the most challenging genre, firstly you have to find a perfect location with clear skies, no light pollution and then shoot in the dark.


  1. Drone Photography

This genre is a recent addition to the collection of different genres of photography. It’s about shooting from a bird’s eye view. This can be a game changer for you if you love using new perspectives in your photographs.




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