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The method of promoting and selling product or services through the digital platform (Internet and Mobiles) is called as digital-marketing or online marketing. Digital-Marketing training is a necessity for everyone and Digital Cutlet, a Digital-Marketing Training near Osmania University, Hyderabad is one of the best training institutes for Digital-Marketing in Hyderabad.

Categories of digital-marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

There is an exponential increase in the search of information and there is proliferation of new websites and to address the search queries. Hence the humongous competition and the difficulty to rank your content on the first page of a search engine and in today’s fast moving world no one has got the time to check the results on second page of a search engine , people want to find relevant content, that to quick.

This is where SEO helps people and businesses to rank their content higher in the search engines to reach the target audience. Basically SEO is “Optimization of website’s content so that it ranks high in the search engines for the keyword that people search for”.

For example, you have written a post about “Neer Dosa Recipe” and when someone searches or Google’s “Neer Dosa Recipe” or “Neer Dosa”, you want it to be shown as top result.

This method enables people earn more traffic through “Unpaid and Free listings”

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

As the competition is increasing day by day, getting traffic and conversions has become a tough task. SEO can be really useful in driving traffic towards your website but it takes time, but if you are willing to spend some money on driving audience for conversions in a short time, SEM can be really useful as an instant solution.

SEM is defined as “The method of running paid advertisements on search engines for the keywords that are searched by people”.

These ads appear alongside the organic search results, to advertise through SEM you have to bid on the keywords that people are looking for. The cost of each keyword depends on the search volume of the keyword.

These ads can be in the form of text, images and video.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Internet is incomplete without social media. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter , Instagram , Snapchat etc have plethora of users which gives businesses an excellent opportunity to interact and sell your products to your customers.

SMM can be the best tool of digital-marketing if used wisely. It helps businesses in building their brands, making the brand loyal, addresses customer needs and requirements, and increases the conversion rate.

SMM is the one tool which helps in getting directly in touch with customers.

E- Mail Marketing

As the name suggests this tool of marketing involves E-mail. Where you send Emails to customers about new products, information, offers etc. This is another tool of marketing where you can directly get in touch with customers.

The Email ids of customers can be purchased or you will have to collect these email ids through your website by making your customers sign up for your newsletters.

The benefits of Email Marketing campaign are “cost”, “ease”, “Tracking” and “accessibility “.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is based on the concept of “Credit Sharing”, which means other people will put a link of products on their website and when someone goes through that particular link and purchases that product, certain amount of profit is shared with the people who advertise on their website.

This method helps in building a loyal relationship with the ad publisher and hence increasing the conversion rate

Why Digital-Marketing?

You might ask why there’s a buzz about digital-marketing in today’s modern world, although the traditional methods of marketing still exist. The traditional marketing methods are slowly moving towards extinction as more and more people are moving towards the digital platform, also some traditional marketing methods like newspaper ads and banner ads etc. , are really very expensive and can’t be afforded by everyone. This is where “Digital-Marketing” can come to your rescue.

Digital-Marketing can be really cost effective if used wisely and not only that you have more number of audience unlike a banner ad or a newspaper ad or events, which is restricted to only one state/ country, whereas on a platform like internet you can connect with the whole world that to at a very little cost when compared to traditional methods of marketing.

Another important benefit of digital-marketing is its innate ability to track and analyse the customers. It helps in understanding what the customers want? , How do they behave? , Are the satisfied? , How long they stay on your website? , What do they do on your website? Are they interested in your services or products? ETC.

Tracking and analysing, customers has never been so easy and it’s just impossible to track this way in traditional marketing methods.

Certainly, Digital-Marketing is the way forward.






















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