Trends in Education that should become a paradigm shift

Trends in education

As the technology and the world advances there are considerable changes in today’s education trends. Teachers need to be aware of the education trends in order to prepare the students to face challenges. It’s the teacher’s responsibility to be up to date with the trends and transform the students into a problem solver and responsible citizen.

Let’s have a look at the most popular education trends-

Developing a growth mindset

Mindset is not an inherited trait and can be worked upon. A growth mindset is where one accepts challenges and takes failure positively. A teacher has to encourage students and help them build a mindset which makes the confident, take up challenges and grow in life.

Here are a few ways with which teachers can build a growth mindset-

  • Helping students to work on their weakness and not chase perfection and enjoy the journey.
  • Focus on how the student grows and not on the speed of the growth.
  • Appreciate efforts of students as they grow.
  •  Teach students to take criticism positively.
  • Make students understand that failure is part of the process and a very good teacher.
  • Give preference to effort than talent.

Personalised learning

Personalised learning is one of the hottest trends in education, where teachers use modern techniques to educate students. The definition of personalised learning is quite broad as it overlaps four key areas, those are –

  • Meet the needs of individual students – Differentiated learning 
  • Adjust the pace of teaching according to the students need- Individualised learning  
  • Create a path where students can demonstrate their competency-  Competency-based learning  
  • Make use of technology for a better understanding of students –  Adaptive learning 

To sum up the personalized training, it refers to the teacher’s pace of teaching and the approach of teaching students according to their individual needs.

Project-based learning

Project-based learning is quite a practical trend in education. Students get educated on the basis of a project, where they learn the subject practically.  These projects can range from a week to semester. This helps students in becoming problem solvers and answering complex questions. Furthermore, this develops student thinking, communication, and creativity.

Teachers need to keep the following things in mind before assigning a project-

  1. a) Think about the outcome of the project.
  2. b) Help students by asking questions.
  3. c) Teach students how to perform, publish and present.
  4. d) Teach students how to think like an expert.


Teamwork plays a crucial role in education. Teachers should encourage teamwork among students to make them ready for future challenges and also, how to work with people.

  • Show the students the importance of teamwork through various examples.
  • Explain to the students how teamwork can be helpful in a project.
  • Create teams considering the strengths and weaknesses of the students and how they can help each other.
  • As a teacher curate the discussion among students to ensure things stay on the right path.
  • Assess the work of the students and give them feedback.
  • Watch out for students who do not open up easily and help them.
Genius Hour

The genius hour is a special class where teachers guide students to learn based on their interests, knowledge, and curiosity. The approach of learning here is quite different from the traditional methods of learning. It is not that organised, a bit informal and very open-ended.

Furthermore, Genius hour gives students a chance to explore their own ideas and work on their passions. It gives students the freedom to work on anything they like without expecting anything in return, it is doing for the satisfaction and for sake of it.

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