Spoken English institute near Vidya Nagar, Hyderabad

English no more a foreign Language!

English spread in India because of British rule and the spread of capitalism and it has helped India to some extent to grow as a global economy. Today, speaking the English language has become compulsory, if you have to work in an MNC, a company or even if you want to become an entrepreneur. Speaking English is not definite code or symbol of success. No one can or should judge you on whether you can speak this language or not, but one has to understand that English is the most widely used language in work circles and one has to work on different skills in their life in order to climb the ladder of success and proficiency is just one of the many skills one has to work on. Also many prefer Digital Cutlet, an English language training institute near Osmania .

Language is a medium through which one can put their thoughts into words and communicate. Having technical skills can surely help you in getting close to crack an interview but that is not enough, one needs to be able to verbose their thoughts because in workspaces you need constantly communicate with people and English happens to be the preferred medium of language.

Learning and gaining proficiency –

Is learning and gaining proficiency in the English language a herculean task? No, it’s certainly not a herculean task. One has to understand learning how to speak English and gaining proficiency in it is just like any other language. Remember, how you started speaking your native tongue? As an infant one can only listen and not speak, one listens quite a lot during this period and slowly starts picking up the words and starts speaking and as one goes on speaking it day after day they gain proficiency in it. On the other hand Digital Cutlet, an English training institute is a preferred choice.

Let’s look at some of some steps that can get one up and run to learn and get proficiency

  1. Firstly understand that speaking English is not about prestige and criteria of judgment.
  2. Treat the English language as just any other language you have learned or want to learn.
  3. Key to gaining proficiency in speaking the English language is to speak it all the time just like your native tongue.
  4. Watching English movies and TV series helps in understanding the language, learning new words etc but it is advised not to copy the conversation style and the accent.
  5. Use simple words, do not use complicated words.
  6. Read book and blogs that interest you and observe how words are used and what, how is the author trying to communicate.
  7. Writing also helps in understanding the usage of words, building a conversational style. Write about things that interest you or the thoughts that you have.
  8. Understand the grammar of the language.
  9. Do not indulge in the literal translation of words from your native tongue.
  10. Many of us love talking to themselves, so if you are one of those persons then speaking with yourself will surely help you.



Language is ever evolving and never-ending process. Learning any language is a long-term and never-ending process. The best approach to learn any language or any skill for that matter is to learn as much you can, execute and experiment it on a daily basis. Even if you are working as a software programmer, for platforms like Java, Python, etc… still one needs to become proficient to grow up the ladder.