Essay Writing is easy if you know these 10 simple tricks

Essay writing in Ten simple steps

write an essay has often been a task amongst students. Be it for a speech you are delivering or an essay writing competition or even for a thesis, an essay seems to be a tiresome task to deal with.

Yet, there can be several methods and ways by which this task can be simplified. Therefore, here are 10 simple steps by which we can make this task less deadly.

  • Preparing an outline of your ideas:

The first chore at hand would be to list out the ideas as a rough draft for your topic whether your own or an assigned topic. This makes your work less messy and more organised.

  • Body of your essay:

Your essay is intended to make an impact on your readers and make them understand the topic from a point of view therefore it is you to decide whether to have a discussion of the topic as a general overview of the topic or something specific ; either way the beginning would be an introduction. An introduction would contain the main idea, followed by the controlling ideas in form of short paragraphs.

  • Introduction:

There are many styles of writing an essay however, the most effective one would seem to be to start with a quote or a question posed to the readers which would answered in the following paragraphs in relation to your topic and introduce to the readers as to what the whole essay would be discussed upon. The introduction of the topic moves from a general to specific idea.

  • Divide your essay into small paragraphs:

This is one of the smartest tricks I have come across while writing an essay that is to divide my ideas into short paragraphs. Make sure the first line of each paragraph is the summary of the respective paragraphs. For e.g., Firstly, the main problem of the city is the poor infrastructure. (after which you can go on to explain in detail about the poor infrastructure). In other words the first line delivers the idea of the paragraph and the rest of the lines support your idea or your argument.

  • Use linkers or transition signals to start your essay if necessary:

if your essay requires you to explain or point out several facts then use of linkers such as Firstly, Secondly…. Lastly or words like furthermore, moreover should do the trick.

  • Keep your sentences short and simple:

Keeping your sentence short makes it easier for the readers to understand and avoids grammatical errors.

  • Avoid using redundant words or repetition of words:

sometimes in order to explain the intensity of the situation we usually tend to redundant with our words. Sometimes we even tend to repeat the same words. Using synonyms of a given word and avoiding exaggeration of words for instance “They are constantly working on new innovations.” (the word “new” seems unnecessary in the sentence).

  • Check for grammatical errors and Punctuations:

This is one of the important aspects of an essay. The correct usage of tenses and properly punctuated passage is the secret to a successful essay.

  • Conclusion:

The entire essay can be divided into several passages but the essence lies in the introduction and the conclusion. This conclusion can summarise the entire discussion and also provide any suggestions or answers of the questions posed if the essay topic requires it to do so. The conclusion can re-emphasise your main idea in the introduction. However, NEVER introduce a new idea in the concluding paragraph.

  • Adding Final touches to the essay:

The last step to writing an essay would be to re-read your essay and check if the follow a smooth order and makes sense. Also,make sure that your main idea is emphasized first and the rest ideas follow to support it. If your essay is describing a process make sure it is in the chronological order.

I hope these few suggestions help you write a better essay.

Happy Writing!


Asra Khan,

M.A English(Previous) 

Osmania University

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