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What is Event Management?

In simple words “Event Management” is a combination of creativity and execution of events. For example Events like press conferences, product launches, weddings, parties ETC. They are systematically planned by expert event managers, the process of planning an event is called event planning.

How are events created and planned?

There are different types of events conducted on a daily basis and all these are of different nature and vary from each other, so the planning of these events also differ from each other but the basic structure of an event is same, which follows-

  1. Agenda of the event – Here agenda means, what is the event about? Who is being addressed to?
  1. Budget of the event – How much budget is the client ready to spend? How to allocate the budget?
  2. Scheduling of the event – When day and time the event needs to scheduled at?
  3. Location of the event – Where the event needs to be conducted?
  4. Coordinating with the third party

6.Executing emergency plans

Events as a marketing tool-

In the fast-growing world of digital marketing, events still hold an important position in the world of marketing. Providing real-life experiences to your target audience is always going to generate more engagement. Hence, marketing through events would always remain as a key tool and here are few reasons on why it’s still relevant –

  1. Today the market has a  lot of options for the consumers and this sometimes confuses the consumers on what is good for them, this is where events become a key tool for both marketing and showcasing the products.
  2. They are an excellent opportunity for brands to engage with their customers and also understand what are their customers looking for in their brand, are they satisfied with current product/services.
  3. It’s helpful to get feedback on the spot.
  4. They are not only useful for promoting products but what they also do is, that they create brand awareness and recognition. People who attend the event and like what they see, they will for sure pass it on to other people which in turn helps in reaching more number of people.
  5. Events improve brand loyalty. When a brand engages with its consumers and stays in touch with them, consumers are bound to come back to your brand.
  6. Events are a profitable way to launch products or brands as it helps in understanding how the crowd reacts to the product when its launched, whether the crowd like the product or not. If the crowd like what they are getting this can generate quick profits for the brand.


“Oneplus” a pioneer in smartphones has positioned its brand locally by hosting events. Since the inception of the brand, it has conducted events in all major countries and they have been very successful. Although major sales of this brand happen online, the impact of the marketing is through offline. Hence it is evident that the consumers look for such events for awareness of OnePlus products and as they are satisfied with current product and services, so is the increase in the sales of Oneplus. In fact, these events have been so successful for “OnePlus” that every time they run out of passes. This has helped “OnePlus” grow as a brand and become a loyal brand amongst consumers. Hence, the expectations amongst the consumers for their products as well as their events.

Events as Public Relations tools –

Brands reach to the masses through media, select-media helps in reaching the target audience for these brands. Furthermore, it helps in increasing brand awareness and improving the sales of the products and services. To get the media talking about your brand, a brand hires a Public relations agency. The PR agency takes care of inviting the media and getting the news published.

Heres how events are useful in PR-

  1. In events like Product Launches, success meets, CSR, Public relations helps in setting up press conferences, where the media can question, directly to the heads of the brand and then later publish it.
  2. The news can be published on various mediums like print, electronic, digital ETC. thus giving more attention to the brand and improving brand visibility and sales.
  3. It also helps in reaching an audience all over the world and not just the country or state where the event is being held.
Why joining Event Management at Digital Cutlet?

Digital Cutlet has pioneered in all aspects of Marketing services, where is Event Management is one of the services of Marketing. Hence, one can count on Digital Cutlet’s expertise.




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