General Tips for IELTS – Listening

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Few Essential Tips for Listening

1. Stop searching out tips – Firstly empty you thoughts do not assume a lot
before the take a look at, simply practice the check papers, study, make
your own method.

2. Read carefully– Read carefully the instructions & the creation & bet the
solution before you listen, pay utmost attention to names, numbers, dates &
timings, Etc. Read the question paper before beginning your tape to
recognize what sort of questions you’re searching out.

3. Improve your listening skills – Get the dependence of paying attention to English news, podcasts, English films with subtitles. Always practice.

4. Practice wisely– Don’t lose interest, practice several listening test
papers ,to build your self assurance, do no longer write answers quickly,
sometimes you may think what you listen is the solution but the
conversation is slightly unique, so exercise well.

5. Don’t get stuck – Don’t get caught on a question you may not answer, just move on. Always take into account  there might also a phase of beside the point statistics. Just keep listening for the information you want.

6. Check your spelling – Check your spelling, grammar & punctuation wisely, look for clues inside the question, don’t move in a rush. Be very careful with the spelling, if you make a mistake you can lose marks.

7. Do not leave any blank answers – Last however no longer least Do not leave any blank answers, Answer all of your questions due to the fact if you
depart any blank there might be a risk to write down  answers in the wrong containers. Be quick & very attentive. Concentrate properly as that
simplest will provide you with an awesome score.

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