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Learning German is made easy at Digital Cutlet.

Living in a big developing city like Hyderabad and being aspirant to earn from MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS by working abroad is not just enough. It also requires some skills which includes the requirement of knowing a foreign language. There are countries like Germany where technology gets developed and runs as fast as air and thousands of students and technical dream to work there. But there is a barrier for those enthusiasts in the name of language which is German. Learning this language has been a challenging task to most of the aspirants where most of them fail. Not just the work aspirants who learn the language, there are even language lovers who dream of mastering the language. To make a small effort to remove the language barrier, some institutes have been established in the city of Hyderabad. Digital Cutlet is one of such institutes at Vidya Nagar very near to Osmania University in Hyderabad where the trainers work really hard putting their efforts in inculcating their linguistic skills into the learners. The art of learning language is made easier at our institute.

Why learn German?

  1. Grasping and acquiring German is not as hard for Indians as it is for other language natives like Chinese, Japanese, etc.

Let’s put the myth “the language German is hard” away for a while. For Indians, because the languages we speak are from Indo-European and Dravidian roots, which turn out to be an advantage for us.And also since because Indians speak English frequently, this serves as another advantage to the Indian learners as both the German and English share the same grammatical and linguistic roots. For instance, there are many words which are closely related in English and German. Most of the alphabets in both the languages match (with some exceptions äö, üß, etc.) where the learner does not need learn all the alphabets right from the starting which is also an advantage. Therefore, Indians can learn this language very well.

  1. Excellent innovators, poets, noble laureates are found to be from Germany.

World famous people like Goethe, Marx, Nietzsche, Kafka of Mann, Brecht, Grass, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Schumann, Wagner, Mahler and Schoenberg are some who spoke and wrote German, as did Freud, Weber, Einstein, and Heisenberg, Kant, Hegel, and Heidegger.

German is the second most commonly used scientific language in the world..

22, 30 and 25 are the number of Noble prizes that the Germans received in Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine respectively and the receiving scientists belong to three major Germanic-speaking European countries, while many laureates from other countries received their training in German universities. Eleven Nobel Prizes in Literature have been awarded to German-language writers. Seven Germans and Austrians have received the Peace Prize.

    3. This language like is a gate-pass into a world of high class education.

  1. Germany is the home for the companies which lead the Global Market

Siemens, Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Adidas and Lufthansa are some of the globally recognized brands and esteemed organizations originating from Germany.

  1. German is the most widely spoken native language in Europe

English, French are the two other official working languages of the European Union. In absolute numbers, German is the second most-spoken language on the continent of Europe. However, when it comes to native speakers, this language is number one.

These are some of  the advantages of learning the German language against the challenges it puts up.

Digital Cutlet not only offers German but also teaches many other languages and conducts many other courses like digital marketing, photography, IElTS, TOEFL, etc.

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