IELTS General Writing Task 2 Practice Examples

IELTS General Writing Example 1

Nowadays people are working from home using computers and telephones. Do you think the advantages of working from home outweigh the disadvantages?

Paraphrase –> As technology has advanced, an increasing number of people are now able to work from home using their computers rather than working from office.Opinion –> In my opinion, this kind of work culture should be promoted as it brings several advantages.

Topic Sentence –> Working from home results in cost savings both for the employer as well as the employee.Example –> For instance, Newyork City, United States is one such place where the costs of renting an office space have risen to exorbitant levels in the past few decades.As a result, employers have to allocate huge proportion of their budget to this area.This encumbers their ability to earn decent profits.Reason –> In addition, employees benefit to a greater extent by eliminating commute time and transportation costs.Example –> As per the recent article published by Newyork Times,majority of the workers in Newyork city on an average spend 3 hours a day commuting to office and work due to heavy traffic congestion in the city.This time could be better spend on bonding with family members, taking care of household chores or in doing something more productive.Conclude –> Merits of working from home are clearly evident because of these reasons.

Topic Sentence –> Despite the benefits that work from home brings along to the employers and the employees,  there are few drawbacks such as distractions and habitual lateness with this type of work arrangement.Reason 1–> Firstly,  people working from home can easily get distracted from their work by the interference of their family members no matter how hard they try to concentrate. Reason 2–> Secondly, habitual lateness due to the comfort and addiction of working from home can often lead to missing the deadlines set forth by the organization.Conclude –>These factors might eventually lead to project failure.

Summary –> In conclusion, although there are few disadvantages of working from home, this culture allows people to save huge on time and cost.In future, i assume that majority of the companies will turn towards this business model as it not only benefits them but also their workforce.

IELTS General Writing Example 2



Some people believe that eventually all jobs will be done by artificially intelligent robots.What is your opinion?

Paraphrase –> Artificially intelligent robots are increasingly replacing humans in the workforce.Opinion –> While it is possible that all menial jobs will be done by robots, it is unlikely that jobs that require human contact will be taken over.Outline –> This essay will discuss why only few jobs will be carried out by people.

Topic Sentence –> Robots might eventually replace all human labour that does not require specific and complex human skills.Reason –> Many companies will turn to artificially intelligent robots as they are far less expensive that hiring, training and employing a human.Example –> In Supermarkets in United States, for example, many cashier jobs have been replaced by automated stations that cost far less than employees.In addition, these automated stations work around the clock and require no holidays or a holiday pay.Conclude –> For these reasons, jobs that can be replaced by artificial intelligence will be replaced.

Topic Sentence –> Conversely, there are some human jobs that cannot be replaced because robots will never acheive the capacity to do them.Reason –> In other words, these jobs require several decades of rigorous training, education, research and real life experiences.Example –> These jobs include doctors and scientists to name a few.Conclude –> Robots will never be able to acheive what has taken social evolution for hundreds of years to achieve this.

Topic Sentence –> It is increasingly likely that robots will end most human employment.Summarize –> Mundane tasks which require unskilled labour will be done entirely by robots; however, sophisticated jobs that require complex human skills will always exist.Conclude –> Ultimately very few jobs will remain safe with artificially intelligent robots.

IELTS General Writing Example 3



Stress-related illnesses are becoming increasingly common.What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?Give reasons for your answers and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Write atleast 250 words.

Paraphase –> People are increasingly suffering from sicknesses as a result of stress.Outline Problems –> This essay will discuss the main causes of stress-related sicknesses including longer working hours and increased job pressures.Outline Solutions –> This essay will also suggest solutions to this problems including one’s work-life balance and improved diet.

Topic Sentence –> People are working for longer hours than ever before.In addition, they have more job pressures.Reason –> People place themselves under these unfavorable circumstances since workforce is a competitive domain and the risk of losing one’s job is fairly simple.Example –> In populated countries like China, for example, where job openings are scarce and demand for these openings are more,employers take due advantage of this and make their employees work longer hours and make them take on additional roles.People reluctant to do so will eventually be replaced.This often results in mental and physical suffering which can be stressful.

Topic Sentence –> Maintaining a good work-life balance and improving on diet are both critical to mitigating stress related illnesses.Reason –> People should realise that if they only live to work they will suffer either mentally or physically and a poor diet will further exacerbate this situation.Example –> In developing countries, for instance, many workers burn out too much from working and neglect their families, exercise, hobies as well as the food they eat.Conclude –> Therefore, in order to reduce work one must include a better ratio of work, rest, recreation and dietary sustenance.

Hook –> In conclusion, In todays fast paced world more and more people are becoming ill as a result of stress.Summarize –> This essay discussed how stress is caused by longer working hours and intense work pressure.This essay also suggested solutions to these problems which are better work-life balance and to eat a healthier diet.

IELTS General Writing Example 4



Formal exams are used to assess students at the end of each semester in many countries.Why are these exams used by schools and universities? What other types of assessment are possible?

Paraphase –> Universities in many countries around the world tend to formally examine their students at the end of every semester.Reason 1 –>Formal exams are carried out in order to measure learning progress and determine the particular academic level of their students.Reason 2 –>Despite the widespread usage of formal exams,there are many other ways of examining their students, including interviews and project assignments to name a few.

Topic Sentence –> Determining academic progess and particular level of a student through formal examination is important for many stakeholders.Reason –>Most importantly, the student wants to be evaluated how well he or she is progressing.In addition, professors at universities and schools would like to know how effective their teaching practices are.Example –> I have been both a student and a teacher and on both occasons I appreciated knowing whether or not I was progressing or whether my students were progressing.Conclude –> It is for these reasons formal exams are still used widely in universities and schools today.

Topic Sentence –> Formal examinations are not the only way to measure a students performance; there are many other ways to measure outcomes which are not formal.Reason –>Instead of writing exams, students could have end of semester interview where they can share their knowledge. Or, they can do something more productive in the form of inventions through project work.Example –> One of the best project I was assessed on at the university was designing a brand new turbine blade and improving its thermal efficiency.Conclude –> This was less formal but more innovative method for me and my professor to evaluate my level of understanding.

Summary –> In conclusion, schools and universities must endeavor to monitor progress of their students by conducting formal examinations or by other methods such  as interviews and innovative project assignments.

IELTS General Writing Example 5



Some parents believe that learning mathematics at school is redundant and should not be taught while others believe that it should remain a foundational subject whether oe not ot is used later in life. Discuss both views.

Hook –> Whether or not to teach mathematics at school is becoming increasingly controversial. Paraphase –> While some parents think that learning mathematics is no longer relevant, there are others who maintain that it an important subject.Outline –> This essay will discuss both sides of this argument in depth.

Topic Sentence –> On the one hand, there are growing number of parents who believe that mathematics should be removed as a school subject because it has become unimportant. Supporting Point –> They have a reason to believe that mathematics is no longer needed as a human skill as it is now done by computers.Example –> Everything from simple addition and substraction to complex matematical equations are now computer operations.Conclude –> Therefore,these parents have a good reason to believe that mathematics is a reduntant subject at schools and should be completely eliminated.

Topic Sentence –> On the other hand, there are increasing number of parents who claim that mathematics is a fundemental part of learning and should be taught at schools despite its redundancy. Supporting Point –> Mathematics is a basic building block which enables people to view the world in a different conceptual way.Example –> For example, knowing how to add, substract and divide, albeit calculations that can be done on phone, are essential daily skills..Conclude –>For this reason, there are number of parents who argue that mathematics should remain as part of school syllabus.

Hook–>Should mathematics be removed from a school’s syllabus?Summary –> A growing number of parents think mathematics is outdated and therefore redundant.Other parents disagree and feel that mathematics is still relevant and important.Conclude –>This essay discussed various reasons why parents hold different opinions on whether mathematics should remain a part of students’ school studies.

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