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Java is a high-end computer programming language, which is object and class based. It is based on the concept of “write once run anywhere” (WORA), which is very helpful for application developers as the compiled code can run on all the platforms that support Java, without any need of recompiling the code, unlike other languages. The syntax of is derived from C and C++. Java applications are compiled to bytecode that can run on Java virtual machine (JVM) irrespective of the architecture of the computer.

It was developed by James Gosling at sun microsystems in 1991 and initially, it was called OAK. It was renamed “Java” in the year 1995. Oracle purchased sun microsystems in the year 2010. It was originally developed for interactive television, but it was learned that it was way too advanced for the cable television industry of that era.

Versions –

The first version was “1.0”, which released in 1996. It was based on the concept of write once run anywhere (WORA), a cost-effective and a secure platform.

The recent version is “10” which released on March 2018, This was the successor of “version 9”, just after a half year. The company said it won’t release any security updates for version 9.

Principles –

This language is based on five principles, those are –

  1. The language should be straightforward and object-oriented.
  2. The language should be able to execute with superior performance.
  3. The language should be compatible with any sort of architecture of the computer and easily transportable.
  4. The language must be secure.
  5. The language must be easy to interpret and dynamic.

Java Applications –

Let’s look at the different types of applications.

  1. Mobile Applications:

Java is used to build applications for mobile and also some phones that run on this sofware. Furthermore, most of the applications on Android are scripted with the same.

  1. Web Applications:

Many web applications run on Java. It provides support through servlets and JSPs.Many government applications for education, Insurance, healthcare etc. and lot E-commerce sites as well use Java because it’s comparatively easy to programme and also because of the security it provides.

  1. Embedded systems:

Electronic chips used in computers, Tv, SIM cards, blu ray disc players etc. use embedded Java technologies.

  1. Scientific Applications:

Software and applications that involve math operations and scientific calculations are developed using Java. It is a preferred choice because they are easy to maintain, fast and secure.

  1. Enterprise Applications:

Java enterprise edition is used to script enterprise applications like network applications and web services. This is preferred in the industry because of its high-performance ability and faster computing.


Python, .Net, PHP are somehow considered as alternatives.


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