Keyboard , the most important musical instrument


Technology has influenced almost field in the world in the last two to three
decades. Almost every industry in the world has absorbed technology into it and
still some continue to do that. Music industry is one of such industries where
technology is used in a good range. In today’s world, music without technological
influence sounds weird and looks something next to impossible. Recording
equipment, sound engineering, DJ, Mixing & mastering, Karaoke, sound
amplification, sound FX, mic & speaker equipment, electric and electronic
instruments, to name a few are some of the key aspects in music where
technology is highly used.
Out of all these, one of the biggest gifts of technology for the musical world is
the Keyboard or also sometimes called as electronic piano. Keyboard along with
guitar (both acoustic and electric) and violin (both acoustic and electric) are
probably the highest used electronic instruments in the music industry. It
is used in almost all of the genres of music ranging from pop, rock, dance,
classical, electronic, cinema, melody, etc. Recently, keyboard has even entered
into the Indian Classical Music. The wide range of sounds it produces makes it the
mostly used instrument. It can also be used as a synthesizer.
Keyboard is the modern instrument which was invented by Elisha Gray in 1876 in
the name of Musical Telegraph. However, the first electric piano was made in
1955 which included the digital piano (acoustic keyboard), stage piano (live
performance), synthesizer (variety of sound) and the musical keyboard.
Johann Sebastian Bach, a veteran music composer of Germany has played a key
role for getting the keyboard.
Keyboard looks like a minimized version of the acoustic piano. This instrument
consists of keys in black and white colors. The keys are arranged in the same way
the keys are arranged in the piano. It is played same as how the piano is played.
The major difference between a piano and a keyboard is the keyboard is

electronic which produces artificial sound and piano is the acoustic instrument
which produces the natural sound. The keyboard produces the recorded note
from the particular selected instrument when key is pressed whereas the piano
produces the original note. The keys of piano are heavier and highly sustainable
when compared to those of the keyboard. It is a portable instrument
which can be easily transported whereas the piano is very heavy and sensitive
instrument. Transporting it is not an easy task. It is not possible to change the
scale in piano. To get other scales, one can only play that by changing the key
range. Whereas in keyboard, one can change it by simply changing the transpose.
However, in playing point of view, keyboard is much easier and dependable than
Like a coin has two sides (good and bad), similarly keyboard has that. The good
side is the above lines.
Keyboard has a wide range of sounds and can also produce the sounds of other
instruments when selected. This is what turns out be the biggest advantage as
well as the biggest disadvantage with the keyboard. It is good when a single
instrument can produce so many sounds but the problem is it kills the natural
sound of the original instruments. Today the keyboard has replaced most of the
acoustic pianos. The majority of the sounds which we hear today are from
keyboard. Nowadays,  is being used as the replacement for many
instruments like the violin, flute, harp, organ, etc. Today we hardly find harps and
organs as even keyboard produces their sound and keyboard in much cheaper
and portable than those instruments. All these can be treated as the other side of


However, the number of advantages with the keyboard overtakes the number of
disadvantages with it. Portability, Wide range of sounds, MIDI, compatibility, high
range of features makes the keyboard one of the best and biggest boon to the
musical world. It is impossible to imagine a musical world without keyboard. It has
contributed a lot and will remain with music as long the music exists in the world

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