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Does Personality need development?

Personality Development, the most compulsory familiar phrase used in the present world in every walk of life like student, home, family, social, or/and work. Every human being grows through infancy into an adult with unique characteristics or habits influenced by surroundings. The set of various habits one acquires defines his/her personality. However, in the present world of mixture of different cultures in every field, personality development is becoming more and more important requisite for an individual to grow and prosper.

Presence of many authors and many more coaching institutes in the market is silently ringing alarm bells of the significance and necessity of personality development in today’s fast moving technology based global society. Developing and honing basic skill like interpersonal communication, self confidence, moral values, time management, promise keeping, goal orientation, and self motivation form the basic topics of personality development course. Further, aspects like decision making, leadership skills, conflict resolution, self analysis, lateral thinking, goal setting, stress management, anger management, overcoming fear, overcoming anxiety in addition to several other aspects are also taught and developed in the students of Personality Development. The topics covered and taught in Personality Development courses and books are exhaustive demanding fine attention and willingness to learn and change of the student.

Positive-Personality not only enhances one’s personal life but also professional life. Developing positive qualities like discipline, punctuality, friendly nature, attitude of acceptance, helping nature through positive Personality makes a person loved and respected wherever he/she is. In the present techno-world where most of the jobs are getting done online without inter-personal communication, personality development has become a hard task cum compulsory need of the hour. In the good olden days when every task could be accomplished only by interacting with another individual, children and people in general had an opportunity to watch experienced and elders, and develop the fine skills of interpersonal relations and leadership qualities flawlessly thereby developing their personality as a whole. However, today it is being taught in the form of classroom education or books authored by Psychology specialists and likewise.

Either ways as long as there is social life, Personality enhancement is an ongoing process of an individual throughout life for better relations and prosperity. Digital Cutlet, at Vidya-nagar has been instrumental in strengthening and enhancing the personality with the Personality development course.

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