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Capturing the light and your vision with a camera is called as photography. Also, photography is about capturing moments your own and others life. There are different genres of Photography. Digital Cutlet welcomes photography learners to join the course.

It is a massive subject with a lot of modes to it. We see a lot of amateur photographer popping the flash in daylight, even when not necessary, that is when you tell the camera to perform on its own which is called “Auto” mode. It is about capturing your vision with the help of the camera and telling the camera how you want to capture by dialling in the settings yourself by using the “ Manual” mode, rather than using it on “Auto” mode.

 Why “Manual” mode?

The topmost reason to use manual mode is to get the full control of the camera, which means you dial in the setting yourself and tell the camera what you want. This mode is quite challenging but once you get used to it becomes easy. What makes it a challenge is that the light constantly keeps on changing, so you need to keep on changing the settings as well.

How long does it take to learn photography?

One can learn the basics of the Manual mode in a day or two. But to master it completely, probably a lifetime journey without a destination. Learning and practising it on daily basis can take you a long way and make you good observer as well. It’s a game of patience.

Reading a photograph!

Another important aspect of  is reading a photograph. Yes, it’s important to take photographs and practise but you also need to go through photographs of the photographers who inspire you. Which means you need to understand what is the photographer trying to portray? How is it composed? ETC. These things help you in understanding and improving your photography.

What sets the “Pro’s” apart? 

A “pro” is someone who understands the technicalities and the art of photography. So, what sets them apart from amateurs is that their deep understanding of technicalities and art, a tremendous amount of experience, lots of Patience.

Then vs. Now

Photography is evolved over the years. It started with printing photos via “Plates”, then it was “film” and then finally it was the era of digital photography, where you can save photos on a memory card. This was a game changer in the world of photography because this meant there were no limitations in the number of photographs that could be taken and also view them instantly, which was not possible on a film camera.

As the technology evolved the aesthetics of photography have changed massively. During the era of “Film” photography, users had a lot of restrictions, they could snap few photographs which take time to view them as they had to be developed first. Because of these limitations photographers use to shoot responsibly and think properly before they clicked the shutter button.

But, today things have changed, users can click umpteen number of photographs and view them instantly and this has made few people lazy. They just click the shutter button without thinking about the composition, light etc. If you spend few thoughts on why and how you have to click, it can make a massive difference.


Editing Photographs 

Editing is the second part of digital photography. This is where photographs can be brought to life by making changes in the photographs. Editing is an eternal part of digital photography. This where you can develop a style or theme in your photographs.



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