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Digital Cutlet’s Digital Marketing course Syllabus:

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Syllabus in Brief:

Search Engine Optimization: On Page & Off Page

Keyword Research: Identify profitable keywords based on product being promoted using keywords tools

Competitor Analysis: Monitor competitor activities on daily basis (promotions, Prices, Ad Messaging) and act accordingly.

Search Engine Marketing: ADWORDS

Web Analytics: Analyze website traffic, using Google analytics.

Social Media Optimization: optimizing social media platforms like Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn to drive traffic to the website

Social Media Marketing: Paid Marketing via social media platforms like Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn to drive traffic to the website

Affiliate Marketing : Amazon, Flipkart etc

Email Marketing: Creating an Email campaigns in order to manage Subscribers using email marketing software.


Digital Marketing is a science of publicizing services or brands or products through one or more forms of electronic media. Digital Marketing encompasses different channels and approaches to fortify a company’s marketing campaigns and also helps in comprehending the factors of the marketing campaign like “what worked and what didn’t work” with the metrics and analytics. Digital marketers keep an eye on things being searched and viewed by customers. They also track the customer’s interest by tracking the information of consumer behavior like how often and for how long a customer has visited a website to search his interest, and hence design the Digital Marketing approach for conversions with what works and doesn’t work!. Marketing via Internet has become phenomenal, perhaps, the most customer friendly channel which is technically identified with digital marketing. Also some of the other popular digital marketing methods like mobile apps, digital television, podcasts, wireless text messaging, mobile instant messaging, electronic billboards, and radio channels, etc. are still some of useful available practices.


Since its inception in , Digital Cutlet has chosen the best trainers whose expertise in Digital Marketing helped in making many successful marketing campaigns of marquee companies.

Learning Digital Marketing at Digital Cutlet will enrich the student’s abilities at researching web, analyzing web, writing for Web. Digital Cutlet helps its students of Digital Marketing in data gathering and its conceptualization. By the time a student have finished Digital Marketing course at Digital Cutlet, the student will have gained considerable knowledge in Digital Marketing with continued learning in managing campaigns, a role that grows in importance as reputation becomes ever more critical to a successful business. Eventually, Students of Digital Cutlet become confident that they can make valuable contributions to any organizations Digital Marketing initiatives, for sure would benefit any company’s day-to-day business development.

Digital Marketing Course flow!

Principles of Digital Marketing
Digital marketing defined
Traditional Vs Digital Marketing
Benefits of Digital marketing
Distinctions of Digital marketing
Components of online marketing
Digital marketing trends, platforms
Digital Marketing strategy
Career opportunities

What is domain?

How to register Domain
What is Web Hosting?
Types of Web Hosting
Websites Vs Portals Vs Blogs
Dynamic / Static WebsitesBuilding a Digital Foundation
Online marketing
planning and success
Defining your target market
Online marketing measurement
Planning a Web Site
for Online Marketing
Site map
Site components
Elements of a successful site
Home page best practicesBuilding / Optimizing Web Site
for Online Marketing
Web site platforms
All about Domain names
Choosing a right hosting company
Analyzing the Website
Web site maintenance
Web site management
Mobile sites

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Introduction to SEO
History of Google
What is Search Engine?
Types of Search Engines
How Search engines work?
Search Engine Algorithms & Updates
Installing WordPress in domain
Installing plugins to SEO• Different types of keywords
Keywords analysis tools
Preparing & analysing keywords
Best keyword research tools
On page Optimization
Off page Optimization
Link building strategies
Bookmarking sites
Blog commenting
Prerelease list
Google hacking URL technique
How Page Ranking is done?
Domain authority
SERP management

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Overview SEM
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Paid search
Local search
Link building In-depth

Google AdWords

Introduction to Paid Marketing
Google AdWords account
lling settings
pes of Campaigns
C Campaign Setup
Groups and Keywords setup
Bidding strategies
Quality Score Optimization
AdWords Ad Formats
Ad Extensions
AdWords tools
AdWords Editor Tool

Social Media Marketing

Social media
Social networking
Social media marketing defined
Setting Social objectives
Creating right profile & settings
Social Media strategy
Facebook marketing
LinkedIn marketing
Twitter marketing
Google+ marketing

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social networking
Blogging and micro blogging
Social networking
Video sharing
Social shopping and opinions
Social news & social bookmarking
Social events, Wikis
Social media strategy


To blog or not to blog?
Blogging success
Blog content creation ideas

Online Advertising

Search ads
Display ads
Affiliate marketing
Social media advertising
Local advertising
Email advertising
Online marketing strategy

Google Analytics

Purpose of website analytics
Tools for website analytics
Installing Google Analytics
Basic terminology and KPI’s


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