Respect the loved ones by not loosing Self-Respect

SELF – RESPECT  speaks for itself

There’s a popular school in the town, which has a practice of calling the Fee defaulter students to Principal’s cabin, after two weeks continuous display of the Fee defaulter’s names on the School notice board. Also the faculty doesn’t respect the fee defaulters.

Radha, alone had to go to the principal’s cabin, for which she felt very bad and embarrassed among her friends. She, despite of giving 2 continuous week of reminders to her father, her father didn’t pay or give money to Radha, to pay the fees. When she went to the Principal, the Principal asked what her father was doing. To which she replied, “He is working as a Lecturer in Govt Junior College.”  The Principal was shocked and understood that there isn’t any financial problems with her. Then asked her, “Did you inform your parents about the fees, when your Name was on the display board for 2 Weeks?” to which she said that she did inform. Finally, Principal asked her to pay fees or bring her dad tomorrow.

Then after going home, she even told the whole thing to her Dad. To which her Dad, with a heavy heart said that, he has some financial crisis as one of his friends deceived him, and will surely pay later. She felt sad and disappointed. The next day when she went to School without both fees and Dad, the Principal called her again between the classes and asked her to leave the School immediately and go home.

She felt heart-broken and cried the whole way to home. She wished that her Dad should be at home and shouldn’t go to College. As she wished, he was at home but was in a very disturbed state. She saw him arguing with someone on phone. She was scared but held her strength and told that she was suspended with no respect from school for not paying fees.

Her father out of anger went into the bedroom, opened the locker, threw money that she required on her face and went outside not even caring for her response to such harsh behaviour of his.

Later that evening, when he came home, enquired Radha about the money he threw. Then she happily said that she paid the money and there’s no more any problem at School now. For which, her Father slapped her very hard on her face and shouted at her saying whether she has gone mad. To which, Radha was surprised, there was no boundaries for her pain. Immediately, Radha’s mother intervened and questioned him what mistake Radha has committed now.

After sometime, Radha’s Dad calmed down and went to Radha’s room, sat beside her, wiped her tears, kissed on her forehead and asked her, “How could you take the money which I threw on your face and didn’t even turn back to care for your feelings? Never kill your self-respect for anybody not even me…! Never be in a place where you are not respected, not even identified as human. If, you only do not find any reason to respect and love yourself, why would others find any reason to do that for you”

To which Radha said, “But Daddy, it was you who threw, so I did not mind much and moreover, as am being suspended in School and wouldn’t allow me until I pay the fees, I had to do that.”

Then her Dad said, “Remember my words for life Radhe.., if you get used to ‘for being granted’ now, you will always take yourself for granted even before your loved ones. And what is the happiness that you get out of it? Even loved ones are to be respected and never to be taken granted just because they can’t leave you. But, one has to understand that it’s their choice that they do not want to think negative about the person who hurt them and never their wish to get hurt by them. One has respect their choice too.” Further says, “If you don’t get that respect, never accept it doesn’t matter which situation you are, even if it’s done to you by your near ones. Doesn’t mean you have to fight or leave them. But, you always have a right to question as to, what went wrong..? And you always have a right to know, because you deserve it”.

“When you are my own daughter and I only joined you in that School, don’t I have any responsibility or pain when you are suspended by my faults? If at all you didn’t take that money to pay the fees and waited till evening, which actually brings a realisation in me and also increases Love and Respect for you. Patience also builds Trust. Sometimes, one shouldn’t have bared that much…! ”

To which, Radhe realised and said, “Am so sorry, I didn’t realise the pain you were going through. I Love Dad”

“I Love you so much, Radhe”, her father replied.

By Deepti Jajula,

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