Software Selenium Testing near Vidya Nagar, Hyderabad

Software Automation Testing:

Any software developed has to be checked for its practical applicability before it is used by the client or the public. Testing is the procedure where the developed software is tested for any bugs or errors and missing requirements. Digital Cutlet is one of the best training institutes for Software Automation Testing and other courses in Hyderabad.

In the process of software development often noted in short as SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), Testing is done at different phases depending on the software being developed.

With the help of Automation Testing the software developed by the developers is validated to see if all required functionalities are working aptly as intended. Testing is also done to check if the product is usable by the specified users with the anticipated accuracy and efficiency thereby achieving the specified goal. The most prominent objectives of Testing include

  1. detecting defects,
  2. assuring quality,
  3. preventing errors,
  4. Ensuring the accomplishment of SRS and BRS (System and Business Requirement Specifications respectively)
  5. Gaining the confidence of the customer by offering a quality product


Testing also ensures good compatibility and functionality of the newly developed software; good performance of the software along with load testing to ensure that system does not crash and free of blocking issues.

In the IT industry, an individual engaged in Testing is often designated as tester, Quality analyst, or  Quality Assurance Engineer.

An individual aspiring to pursue a career in Testing should be aware of the basic or any programming language. Soft skills like good oral and written communication skills, analytical skills, leadership qualities and adaptability are also required. Other technical skills including

  • Testing Tools,
  • Database aspects
  • Testing aspects
  • Skills in documentation
  • Different types of testing and
  • Test plan model

are also needed to be an efficient Testing professional in this happening IT Industry.

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