‘The Captain’ is an award winning German movie about a deserted soldier who tries to escape from Nazis and live

“The Captain” movie is about the survival of a
deserted soldier during the World War II period.

As the movie begins we can see that a soldier is
trying to escape from the Nazis who wants to kill
him. He runs into the woods to hide from them and
luckily he escapes from them.
When he was roaming on the roads he finds a Nazi
car across the road abandoned. In that car he finds
some food, a pair of shoes and a uniform of a Nazi
captain. He wears the uniform to keep himself
After some time he sees a Nazi soldier passing by.
The soldier comes and salutes him. He enquires
about the soldier, gives him some food. The soldier
fails to recognize him as a fake captain.
They both set off to the nearest army camp. On
their way to the army base camp they will

encounter with few other Nazi soldiers who said
that they lost there troop. He tells them that he is
under direct order from Hitler himself, he has a
special mission which is to report the conditions
beyond the line. He commands them to join him.
They all go to the nearest army base camp where
other officials asked his mission whereabouts.
None of them could recognize him as a fraud.
They inform their higher officials that there is this
person under the direct command of Hitler and
they get a reply to follow his order without
An official tells him that there are prisoners who are
mainly thieves, rapists and murderers.
He tells his men to execute all of them.
They were brutally killed. The very next day there
was an air strike that took place on that base camp.
The captain along with few other men was able to
survive. After that air strike he along with his men
goes back to the capital city.

They were rejoicing in a hotel when they were
attacked by the army. He runs from that place to
save his life….
After a few days he dies at the age of 21.

From this movie we can see that if one is clever to
handle the situation then he can easily solve that

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