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An aspirant of language training who has a flair for training people and needs a direction in how to impart training should look for programmes like “train the trainer”. Having expertise in a language surely helps but one needs learn the art of training. A language trainer needs to understand how to engage and interact with students and make the class interactive, filled with different activities so that students do not get easily bored and stay engaged.

Why should one opt for “train the trainer” programme?

  1. Train the trainer programme helps you in understanding how to make students comfortable with your training and pay attention to what is being and execute it.
  2. When it comes to language training, a trainer needs to understand how familiar is the student with that particular language and what are particular areas the student needs to be helped with
  3. Train the trainer programmes also help one in learning and understanding, how to engage in a conversation with the students and also how to end them when needed.
  4. These programmes also help trainers in preparing for a session and decide what needs to be thought and how to go about it.
  5. It so happens, many times there are students in the class who cause trouble in the class, train the trainer programme helps on in how to deal with such students and not lose your temper.
  6. For the better understanding of the students, a trainer needs to make the class an interactive space, these programmes teach a trainer different types of methods to make the class interactive with the help of activity based teaching.
  7. These programmes are meant to increase the efficiency, productivity, and output of the trainer.
  8. A trainer should be able to assess the potential, strengths, weaknesses of the student in order to help and make them understand.
  9. As a trainer one as to assess themselves, for example, areas where you can work on, how can you help the students etc. train the trainer programmes, help trainers in self-assessment.
  10. In order to become an effective trainer, these programmes assist the trainer in managing the class and time.
  11.  There are different types of training styles of language-training, these programmes teach you these styles and also assist in finding your own training style.
  12. your training should prepare the students for the different type of challenges but it should not mean that this is the only or the best way to do it, students should be given freedom.


Train the trainer programmes for languages can be a benefit for someone who has zeal and flair to train and someone who needs a direction in the world of training. These days there are a many Trainers who didn’t do masters in English but still welcomed as language trainers to train IELTS/TOEFL  if they do this Train the Trainer Program. Digital Cutlet, has been offering Train the Training course for people who wants to resume or shift to Trainer job profile.


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