Types of events

Events have become a big part of businesses in order to reach their target audience. A lot of money is spent on these events, there are innumerable types of events that exist today and are also demanded by customers. Let’s look at some of the types of events –


1.Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Events –

CSR events are about corporates giving it back to the society by conducting events. The companies donate the profit they have made to build sustainable livelihoods.


  1. Conferences –

Conferences are one of the most important events. These conferences usually take place in corporate offices, which are addressed to a gathering. These events can be-

Academic Conferences- Where college, university students can be addressed about a new topic, Scientist can talk about there research results.

Training Conferences- These conferences provide an opportunity for companies to share knowledge and train lots of people in one go.

Medical Conferences – These conferences provide doctors and medical professionals to stay up to date about the advances of medicine, technology etc.

Online Conferences – The Internet has made it possible to see and talk to people at the same time all around the world, this is useful for companies who want discuss their goals with fellow employees or clients.


  1. Business Meetings-

These events held usually held by businesses who want to discuss their operational and financial plans. Also to talk the achievements, goals, and shortcomings of the company. These meeting also help in building employee relationship.


  1. Seminars –

Seminars are educational events. Where more diverse audience can be approached to teach new and relevant information and topics. These seminars are dialogue and lecture based. Where people can interact with the speaker.

5.Trade Exhibitions –

In these events, a lot of companies showcase their products. These exhibitions are expected to have a lot of crowds which is helpful for businesses to get in touch with customers and clients on the spot. Also, finding new customers and clients becomes easy with such events.

  1. Team building events –

As the name suggests these events are about team bonding and building, usually hosted for new employees of a company to make them comfortable and familiar with the team and the company. These events include fun activities.

  1. Networking events  –

Networking events are about building contacts and marketing your business. These events help in establishing your business, growing it, collaborating with other business, and most importantly marketing it.

  1. Press conferences-

Press conferences are usually held to promote product launches, success meets, CSR events through select media in order to reach the masses. Such events help in promoting, building trust among customers, getting feedback, reaching new audience etc.

  1. Appreciation and Incentive events –

These events are held by companies to appreciate their employees by giving them awards and appreciating clients etc. These events are informal in nature which help in building rapport with other employees.

  1. Weddings and birthday parties

Wedding and birthday parties are family events, where



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