What is Mass Communication and its mediums

Mass communication is the way of communicating and sharing a message with the masses at the same time. It has existed since ages, town criers are one of the earliest examples of mass communication. Today mass communication has become an integral part of our lives. Mass communication focuses on disseminating information and reach a large number of receivers. The study of mass communication is concerned with how people who receive this information react to it, what is their opinion, standpoint, emotion etc. about it.

Today information can be shared through various mediums of mass communication, let’s look at these mediums –

  1. Print Media –

Print media is one of the oldest tools of mass communication. Books, newspapers, journals, magazines, posters, pamphlets are some of the examples of print media. These are used to inform people about news, generate opinion, tell stories etc. In print media along with text, illustrations and photographs are also used to communicate visually with people. Print media is still relevant in the digital era and reaches to a lot of people.

  1. Radio –

Radio is another important and one of the oldest tools of mass communication. Radio is a cost-effective medium and reaches a lot of people. It has played an excellent role in a country like India, as its the only tool of mass communication that reaches even the remotest corners of India. Radio is auditory in nature. It has music, news report, ads, stories, audio drama, interviews etc.

  1. Television –

Television is an audiovisual form of mass communication, which changed the way people consumed information. It turned out to be an excellent medium as it had both audio and visual mediums which made the content engaging and entertaining. Various type of content is broadcasted on television, like serials, sitcoms, news, songs, sports etc.

  1. Movies –

Movies have existed for quite a while now. It all started with moving images, then silent movies and then as technology improved, movies became an audiovisual medium. Movies help in educating and entertaining people.

  1. Internet –

The internet is the recent addition to the tools of mass communication. It’s by far the most engaging tool and information can be shared quickly and globally. The internet is growing exponentially every day with more and more people using it, also as sales of computers, smartphones, tablets are growing every day. It’s a mixture of all other mediums of mass communication, where information is shared in the form of videos, websites, images, content, messages, emails, blogs etc.

  1. Public Relations –

The importance of public relations has gone up as more and more organizations want to maintain an image in the media and also among people. Public relations help in disseminating information about products, services or the organization its self through select media.  It reaches the target audience through these select media which provide an opinion in order the shape the public opinion.

  1. Advertising –

Often advertising is confused with public relations, both are different from each other. Advertising is more about selling and promoting products and services to the target audience, unlike public relations, advertising does not shape public opinion, it just sells products by advertising on various platforms.





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